Between Two Lakes

Jefferson lies beween two attractive lakes, each with its own features and aambiance. Both are within a 20-minute drive from downtown.
Lake O’the Pines is a great fishing and boating destination. Caddo Lake is a world apart, a unique ecological environment seen nowhere else in the world.

Caddo Lake is located in Marion County, Harrison County and Caddo Parish Louisiana, a few miles east of Jefferson. It is a beautiful water garden of bayous, cypress trees, Spanish moss, lotuses and water lilies. There are many fine homes and restaurants located on Caddo Lake and Big Cypress Bayou. Both day and night tours of this majestic swamp are available. To visit Caddo Lakes website, please go to and enjoy the history along with some beautiful photos.

Lake O’ the Pines is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It has large open water for sailboats, ski boats, and other water craft. Its camping, nature trails, beaches, and other recreational areas are outstanding. On its shores are homes, restaurants, and boat marinas. Visit Lake O’ the Pines’ website, and enjoy the history, fishing report, property for sale and rent, and scenes of the lake.